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The play transfrers us to a dream landscape structured with moments of connection and disconnection. Where time has no specific direction. Beyond the image, behind the action, what happens could be a possible reality.


Born in France. Grew up and studied dance in Athens where she worked with various contemporary dance groups (D.Sotiriou, P.Stamatopoulou, A.Kazouri, T.Lomverdou, T.Nikolopoulou etc.) In 2006 she travels to Japan to participate in the Hakushu Festival of Min Tanaka. There she sees nature dancing and people transforming. She is deeply influenced and upon return starts giving experiential dance workshops and choreographing. (Prometheus Bound - National Theatre, Locus Ceruleus - NTNG, Woman of Zakynthos, Werewolf of Petralona, Wrestling Dream).


Born in Patras and studied dance in Athens. She has worked with various groups and artists as a dancer and choreographer in dance and theatre performances for adults and children. She traveled to Japan and worked with choreographer Min Tanaka and to India where she trained in the philosophical system of Yoga. Her experiences in the East have defined her as an artist. Today, she dances, choreographs, teaches dance, practices and guides practitioners in Yoga practice.


Concept: Sylvia Katsarou
Choreography - Performing: Sylvia Katsarou, Antonia Zagoriti
Vocals: Anastasia Eden  

Music: Nikos Yusef
Costumes: Danielle Felic
Technical Support - Video: Manolis Vitsaxakis
Photos: Panagiota Karpathaki

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