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"From Innocence to Innocence" is an experimental fusion of theater, poetic script, contemporary dance, Albanian folk elements, and meditation/manifestation. It explores the protagonist’s struggle touching on emigration and homeland, identity and gender, and the perpetual struggle to safeguard the purity of one's consciousness amidst life's relentless onslaught of experiences. The original script blends poetry from Albanian legends and poetry with global voices in literature, music and philosophy, offering a personal, local, and universal exploration of culture and consciousness.


Born in Tirana, Julian Bulku trained at the Academy of Ballet and Choreography before earning a Master of Dance Techniques from the Academy of Dance and Choreography in Baku, Azerbaijan, specializing in the Vaganova method. Moving to Greece, Julian performed at the National Opera and became a choreographer and assistant director for musical productions. In 2006, he founded his dance studio, teaching contemporary dance. He placed 3rd for Greece and 17th for Albania in Eurovision for his choreography in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Recently, Julian as taught contemporary dance at the National School of Ballet in Tirana and Brussels. He resides in Tirana and Athens, running his yoga studio since 2017 while participating in dance seminars across Europe.


Concept - Choreography - Director: Julian Bulku

Performance: Julian Bulku with guests Gean Arbana, Nermin Strazimiri, Eva Muhameti, Panagiata Styliamori, Laura Dramalli, Sier Vaso

Stage Director: Inis Gjoni

Written by: Jora Vaso and Kleitia Vaso

Read by: Rajmonda Bulku, Bujar Asqeriu, Gean Arbana and Julian Bulku

Music: Alban Laro

Sound Designer and editing: Arsen P.

Costume Design: Meri Meraj

Painter: Bledar Gramo

Photography: Lauren Bekteshi and Jora Vaso

Video: Pandeli Çeço

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