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Regardless of the BPM and sonic environment created by this power duo on stage, their sole interest is to take you along for the emotional ride and make you feel included. COLORGRAPHS, emanates from electronic sounds, with R&B influences and Neo-Soul elements, with a dash of Pop. They'll move your body but also hold your hand.


COLORGRAPHS became part of the Athenian scene with the experimental debut record ‘Gradients’ in 2018. Since then, the project has evolved sonically and has developed a more mature creative identity. This evolution can be heard in the singles ‘Dare’, ‘MGBS7’ and also the latest remixed version ‘MGBS7-Osive Remix’. The creatives are currently in the studio recording the second album, anticipated to be released next winter. Some of their latest live shows include:  Open Air Gigs 2024 (SNFCC) , AGORAFOVIKO Festival 2023 (PLYFA) , ELEUSIS 2023 (KAMARES / Osmosis).

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