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“Τhe shadow of the night. The teeth in the darkness. Stealth, quiet I fall on to the earth chasing the blue sheep vertically down the mountain”.

“UNCIA” is inspired by the word metamorphosis and the image of a shapeshifting creature. Researching the characteristics of the snow leopard, the work draws material by the cold atmosphere the animal lives, its rarity and the fact that it is almost impossible to see it.


Danae and Dionysios have been working together since 2015 and so far have created five productions together. As students of nature, its animals and indigenous cultures they create stories from the side of what was or still is untamed. Striving to strike a balance between the accessible and the pioneering, they support the idea that art is a universal means of communication that can create a dynamic and at the same time fragile language.


Choreography - Performance : Danae & Dionysios

Original Music Score : Constantine Skourlis

Costume Designer : Vaya Nikolakopoulou

Light Designer : Llorenç Parra

Cello : Konstantinos Chinis

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