KonstantinosKonstantinidis - Transition Patras Art Festival 2


Transition , is a compound word that indicates movement and transfer to a point. A condition of exploration and research into body axis rotation, tension, strength, relaxation and rhythm in times of insecurity, inactivity, tension and calm. Confidence and practice in uncertainty . From the void to the public.



Born in Athens in the 1980s, since the beginning of 2000 I am trained every day in various circus techniques (juggling, cyr wheel, balance objects, stilts, unicycle, fire juggling etc.). I am always in contact with the public through performances in public places, municipalities, various corporate events, independent performances, in varieties and theatrical productions. I have give workshops on the use of objects (juggling) and movement (dance) in children and adults. In 2010 I give introductory examinations for the professional dance school of Thessaloniki to graduate in 2014 with a bachelor's degree.



Concept - Performer: Konstantinos Konstantinidis 

Photo credits: George Kondylis