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Words can heal, words can hurt.

Words can unite, words can divide.

Words can bring peace,

Words can lead to war. 

Words are above all one thing: Power!


Behind all words is the personality and charisma of human beings. But what happens when words fall silent and non-verbal communication in the form of physical and energetic transmission comes to the fore? Are the true intentions behind the words that transmit everything in such a charismatic way perhaps even better to fathom without the veil of that wondrous invention of mankind, which can be defined in one word - language.


Sade Mamedova is a performer, choreographer and teacher based in Mannheim. After gathering her education as a dancer in Moscow, she has been touring internationally with the Riverdance Company for a year and in 2013 got her bachelor at the Classical Dance University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main. From 2013 was a member at the Theatre Regensburg and the Lucerne Theatre. Since 2018 became a freelancer, who has received several awards  for her  dancing and choreography by reputable competitions and festivals around the globe. Sade currently teaches, conducts workshops, creates and participates in various artistic projects in Germany and abroad. 


Choreography - Concept - Performance: Sade Mamedova 

Music: Julian Kotterba, Louis Armstrong            

Photos: Julian Kotterba

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