AlexandrosStavropoulos_Pink Patras Art Festival 2



“Banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige! From now on girls... Think pink! Think pink!”-Funny Face, 1957




Alexandros Stavropoulos was born in Patras (1991). He studied and graduated from State School of Dance in Athens (2014).

Since today he has collaborated as a dancer with choreographers such us Russell Maliphant, Jasmin Vardimon, Koen Augustignen, Rosalba Guerrero, Hannes Langolf, Andonis Foniadakis, Ermira Gkoro and others.   

In 2020 Alexandros made his first choreographic work "Cinderella's".And in 2022 the second one “On Wednesdays we wear Pink" for Onassis Stegi Centre.