LampriniGkolia_Orlando Patras Art Festival 2


“Orlando naturally loved

solitary places,

vast views,

and to feel himself for ever, and ever,

and ever,


Virginia Woolf, Orlando



Lamprini Gkolia is a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer. She graduated from the State School of Dance in Greece with honours. Her artistic work combines elements from the visual arts, theatre, and music. As a performer, she has collaborated with several dance companies worldwide.She created the “Body Instrument” method which she teaches in Professional Dance School. As a choreographer, she has created Camouflage, Medusa’s Complex, A Minute of Silence, ORLANDO and The Audience.


Director - Choreographer - Performer: Lamprini Gkolia

Music: Konstantina Polychronopoulou 

Dramaturgy: Liza Kardami

Voice Over - third eye: Periklis Skordilis 

Lightdesign: Sakis Birbilis 

Filming: Antonis D. Tzoumas

Costumes - Script - Voiceover: Lamprini Gkolia

Photo credits: Andi Tzouma

Many thanks to the special people who helped in any way, to the artistic advisors & friends: Amalia Stathopoulou, Chrou Krou, Eleni Lyra, Vasilina Katerini, Giannis Giannoulis, Barlas Sahinoglu, Maria Manoukian, Gavriil Karpathios, Spyros Christakis, Manolis Rizikos