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A system of cells inside someone else, someone else to hold yourself in place. 


Lost yourself inside of someone else. 

Someone else.  

Holding myself, inside a place deep within. 

Where do you go to when you go within? 



Mike Planz completed his training at the Ballettförderzentrum in Nuremberg and at Dance Professional Mannheim. He has collaborated with Zenta Haerter, Luches Huddleston, Amelia Eisen, Martijn Joling, Brian McNeal, Tyrel Larson, Kirill Berezovski, Jonas Frey, Catherine Guerin, Jan-Maurice Wolter and Ying Tingan.

He choreographed "Hört im Herzen auf zu sein" and "Winterschlad" in collaboration with Amelia Eisen and Kirill Berezovski. Since 2019 he developed “Animus Vox”, an individual movement language combining urban dance with contemporary elements. His work has been supported by the city of Mannheim and the LBBW Bank and is currently working with Jonas Frey.


Concept - Choreography: Mike Planz

Performance: Sade Mamedova 

Music: Sarah Davachi – Magdalena, Gradual of Image

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