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Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s “My Neighbour Totoro”, we observe the story of a fascinating friendship between a girl and a mysterious yet familiar creature slowly unfold. Amid a magical and a real world, these two meet each other.

“Napi, the girl and the bubble”, is a family friendly production and its goal is to bring younger audiences closer to dance in order to create a place for their first encounter with movement. We wish for it to be an opportunity to arise the most vital question : how can we inspire the youngest ?


Danae and Dionysios have been working together since 2015 and so far have created five productions together. As students of nature, its animals and indigenous cultures they create stories from the side of what was or still is untamed. Striving to strike a balance between the accessible and the pioneering, they support the idea that art is a universal means of communication that it can create a dynamic and at the same time fragile language.


Choreography - Performance : Danae & Dionysios

Mask Construction : Martha Foka

Costume Construction : Folia Baletou

Music : Aaron Martin, Christos Sakellaridis, Blue Dot Sessions

With the support of : Orsolina28, The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation

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