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How naked can the body truly remain in front of the mirror?

M{e}rror - My error - Mirror - a personal and deeply emotional experience of self- exploration. A conversation between music and movement in search of truth, self- recognition and acceptance, and the revolutionary nature of introspection.


Maritina Katsimpraki is a dancer who graduated from Greek National School of Dance (KSOT) in 2020. She has performed with Ioannis Mandafounis and Iris Karayan at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, and was selected to dance in choreographic piece by Marco Morau and Linta Kapetanea. Maritina has choreographed two solos, which have been selected for festivals in Greece. She also acted in the short film "Brutalia, the days of labor", which won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. She teaches contemporary dance and is an organizing member of the Dance Laboratory Rhodes festival.


Concept - Choreography - Performance: Maritina Katsimpraki

Music: Stefanos Giakoumakis

Voice over: Eleni Georgiou

Costumes: Giota Manousou

Special Thanks: Barbara Bardaka, Penelope Morout, Spyros Christakis

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