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How can we use a bundle of clothes to play and dance?
Through kinetic games and improvisations, and guided by the basic principles of contemporary dance, we will activate our bodies, interact and move towards all levels and
 directions. We will balance, fall, twist, tangle, untangle, tumble and above all have fun.
A dance workshop for children ages 5-8 years old, with or without previous dance experience.



Katerina Kaima graduated from the Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education and the Aktina Professional Dance School. She continued her studies with a master's degree in Special Education. She completed Flower Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Aerial Flow & Acrobatics Teacher Training and International Dance Week Budapest seminars.
She participated, among others, in the performance "Re-define my home" by Olga Spyraki, in the educational part of the performance "Mount" by Vitoria Kotsalou, in the performance "404 Permission Not Found" by Konstantina Ntinapogia, in OPANDA festival, in Patras Art Festival with the project Ypo /moni, in the theatrical performance "Are you dancing?", by Danai Katsameni and in AVDP.

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