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The work entitled Chained deals with the effort made by the female body oppressed by social norms to escape from the shackles that keep its dynamics and perspective trapped. Will it manage to transcend patriarchal frameworks, escape and lead to a more liberated future? 


Christiana Kosiari graduated from National School of Dance and from Athens University of Economics and Business. She is a professional dancer, dance teacher, movement director and choreographer. In 2022 she presented her performance "Chained" at Arc for Dance Festival 15 and in 2021 at Dance Laboratory Rhodes. The video dance “Sink”, where she was the choreographer and participated as a performer through the direction of Sofia Rekka, was presented on Dance Days Chania and on Athens Video Dance Project in 2022.


Concept - Choreography - Performance: Christiana Kosiari 

Original Music: Jan Van D'Engel 

Design upon costume: Elissavet Sfyri 

External eye: Paraskevi Tektonidou 

Cinematography: Sofia Sfyri

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