KaterinaAnastasakou_Boeing747 Patras Art Festival 2


Life is not easy Jela, in order to survive we all make concessions…

Today talking is hard…

What is left is your body…

The best is yet to come…



Katerina as a child used to do ballet and Rhythmic Gymnastics. At 22 years old she met the circus in Spain and since then she has attended courses and seminars in Greece and abroad (Spain, Argentina, Peru). She has participated in performances and also in short video projects. For the last year she has been teaching aerial acrobatics in Patras.


Konstantina from a young age did ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. She has also studied music and piano. Since 2017 she has been doing contemporary dance and aerial acrobatics and having attended several kinesiology seminars on the ground and in the air. She has participated in performances and short video projects.


Ioanna started learning ballet at an early age. Since 2016 she has been doing contemporary dance and she has attended several seminars in Athens and Patras. In 2018 she met aerial acrobatics and ever since she has participated in various projects with the team of x-saltibagos.




Choreography - Performance: Katerina Anastasakou, Konstantina Anagnostou, Ioanna Vasilakopoulou

Music: Ihotopia

Costumes: artathensfashion