KerasiaTriantafillou&DoukasIoannis_BlackHole Patras Art Festival 2


A black hole is called the point in space-time, at which the gravitational forces are so great that nothing - not even particles and electromagnetic radiation, like light - can escape it ... or can it ...? Try it, try it, fight it, get out of it and look at the sunlight, it exists, it is there to give you life!



Kerasia TriantafIllou, is an aerialist performer and teacher, with a background in artistic gymnastics and synchronised swimming.

She attended intensive courses in aerial acrobatics with renowned acrobats. Since 2013 she worked in various studios, gyms and festivals (such as Akropoditi Dance Festival), teaching Aerial Yoga and Aerial Acrobatics. At the same time, she took part in performances and events. In 2017 she opened her own studio, "O KRIKOS".


Ioannis Doukas was born in Aegio. In 2007 he began his studies in Athens where he was involved in circus arts. He has attended various seminars in Aerial Acrobatics internationally. He worked as an instructor in numerous studios in Athens, teaching Aerial Acrobatics and circus techniques for children. Since 2018, he works in Patras as a Floor Acrobatics and Aerial Acrobatics instructor. 



Concept - Choreographt - Performers: Kerasia Triantafillou & Ioannis Doukas

Music: Hugo Kant-come with me

Music mix: Mikis Attaleiadis

Costumes: Sofia Iakovaki - akuahandmade_

Photo credits: Vasilis Lagios