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For the making of this piece, a deconstruction of traditional Slovakian folk dances has been varied, rebuilt and revitalized to form a surreal and current pop culture equivalent. Touching upon modern art, music and expressionism, we follow the pathway of a man's journey, revealing a fury of uplifting and enduring perspectives that lead us towards the idealization of himself and his traditional heritage.


Milan began his dance training in the Slovakian traditional children's dance company Dumbier. Graduated from the Banska Bystrica Dance Conservatory and continued his training at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He collaborated with different choreographers and companies for more than 19 years and is in constant collaboration with David Zambrano as a performer and assistant in classes and workshops. He is co-founder of Les SlovaKs Dance Collective, while also director and choreographer of famous dance and circus companies.


Choreographer - Performer: Milan Herich

Director: David Zambrano

Music: Sergei Prekofiev, Sergei Rachmaninov, Lajko Felix, Asaf Avidan

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