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"I am looking forward to seeing you all at my workshop for a journey into a circular world. 

The workshop is addressing to actors, dancers, acrobats, and anyone who wishes to see the world from all the possible perspectives.

This 3 day workshop is designed for all levels and techniques, as there are plenty of pre-exercises and gradations that correspond to each body.

Detailed plan of the workshop


Day 1: "Introduction to Spin". 

The great advantage of aerial hoop, both aesthetically and practically is the spin. Aesthetically, because we can create movement in any possible dimension and practically because spin is making everything lighter. We just need to use it properly.We will learn to move the body constantly in a circular pattern, avoiding pauses and needless movements.

We will analyze each individual movement and work around its technique to strengthen and adapt our body to it. The last 10 minutes are dedicated to stretching and relaxation of the body.


Day 2: "Dynamic Movement"

Like on the first day, the goal is the circular flow of the body. The difference is in the type of movement on the hoop. The dynamic hoop is much more demanding in terms of technique and reaction time. In order to maintain a constant and light flow for the body, we must act at the right time. After explaining and practising each individual move, we will build a flow that starts at the lower bar and aims to end up at the top bar. Through the combined energy offered by the circular and dynamic movement, the sequence will become much more elaborate and natural. As on the first day, the last 10 minutes are dedicated to recovery. 


Day 3: "Repetition and suggestions from the participants"

Repetition is the most important part of our progression and familiarity with each aerial element. All participants can take their time and practice at their own pace. In addition, whoever wants to try another trick, flow or movement can request it, and we can work on it together. 


Lina's involvement with aerial acrobatics started in 2014 from the X-Saltibagos Circus group in Patras. Since then, she hasn't stopped working and loving this art. In 2017 she started

the exploration of the aerial hoop, which became her main aerial specialty.

In 2019, she entered the preparatory year of the INAC contemporary circus school in Portugal and then she moved on to the professional two-year course specializing in aerial hoop. She graduated in July 2022.

She has participated in various festivals and performances in Portugal and Greece, such as the Festival Vaudaville Rendez-Vous, Ámostra, Circo de Papel, Antivaro Festival, etc. while she has presented her first solo contemporary circus show, Synesthesia, in several theatres in Portugal and Greece.

She is currently living in Athens where she teaches aerial acrobatics.

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