ElenaStavropoulou_AdLocum Patras Art Festival 2


A performance-site specific with contemporary dance and song. It concerns the way of tying, packing and transporting a statue. A dancer-performer personifies the statue and its carrier.

(This project is an original creation funded by the Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDIH-KAM through the Open Sails program. The first presentation took place in Chania in the year 2021).



Elena Stavropoulou is a graduate of the State School of Dance, Athens,Greece. With a scholarship from the Foundation for State Scholarships (IKY) she obtained the postgraduate title "Performance" at the London Contemporary Dance School -The Place- University of Kent. She danced for the Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company-London, and for other companies. She choreographs and teaches contemporary dance in various institutions. She edits movements in theatrical groups and deals with singing.



Conception - Choreography - Performer: Elena Stavropoulou

Music: Nikos Karadosidis

Scenography: Elena Stavropoulou

Costume: Sevasti Theologis

Production Removement - Executive production: Angelika Stavropoulou

Photo credits: Vladimir Metreveli